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Finding Strength In Faith: Introducing 'I Need You Lord' By Zita Taminang • Gospelcm Topics Gospelcm Topics

Zita Taminang Finding Strength in Faith: Introducing 'I Need You Lord' by Zita Taminang

Finding Strength in Faith: Introducing ‘I Need You Lord’ by Zita Taminang

In life, we all face challenges that test our strength and faith. It’s during these difficult moments that we often forget to turn to God for guidance and support. However, Zita Taminang, a talented artist hailing from Nkwen, Bamenda (Cameroon), is here to remind us of the power of seeking solace in God.

Listen “I Need You Lord” by Zita Taminang Below

Her latest song, “I Need You Lord” is a heartfelt and inspiring anthem that encourages us to turn to God in our times of need. Released on November 17, this soul-stirring composition is destined to touch hearts and uplift spirits. Zita Taminang’s inspiration behind “I Need You Lord” draws from the challenges we encounter in our everyday lives, including health issues, job problems, financial struggles, and more.

Zita Taminang Finding Strength in Faith: Introducing 'I Need You Lord' by Zita Taminang

With this song, she aims to remind us of the importance of seeking God’s help and guidance during these trials. The Holy Spirit guided her in writing the powerful lyrics that resonate with listeners on a deep level, spreading the message of faith and hope. To bring “I Need You Lord” to life, Zita collaborated with the talented team at TAS Touch Studio in Limbe. Together, they crafted a captivating musical arrangement that perfectly complements the heartfelt message of the song.

Zita’s dedication to her craft and her unwavering belief that the Holy Spirit is leading her has shaped her musical journey. Zita Taminang’s ultimate goal is to uplift and inspire listeners through her music. With “I Need You Lord,” she wants to remind everyone that God is always there to lean on, especially in times of difficulty. By sharing her talent and faith, she hopes to touch hearts and spread the divine message of love, strength, and perseverance.

Currently, Zita is actively promoting her music through social media and local networks. Her captivating vocals and powerful lyrics have already garnered attention, and she is determined to reach a wider audience. Zita envisions writing more uplifting and soul-searching songs that resonate with listeners, and she aspires to perform for audiences around the world. Excitingly, she is also working on an album that promises to deliver more soul-stirring melodies and inspiring messages.

Zita Taminang’s enchanting voice and unwavering faith shine through in her latest single, “I Need You Lord.” This song serves as a gentle reminder that when life presents its challenges, we should turn to God for strength, solace, and guidance. Through her music, Zita aims to inspire and uplift, sharing her talent and faith with the world.

Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel, Heavenly Music KZ, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram @heavenlymusickz to stay connected and witness her musical journey unfold. Let us come together and embrace the comforting words of “I Need You Lord,” reminding us that we are never alone on our journey through life.

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