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Gospel Concert 5 Effective Ways to Change The Gospel Concert Game Completely.

5 Effective Ways to Change The Gospel Concert Game Completely.

The gospel concert’s priorities seem to have been misplaced. It has unfortunately become more about the artists and their songs, and less about God.

Satisfying the audience prior to the money they might have spent on tickets is of greater concern, pressurizing the performing artists into pleasing the audience and missing the whole point of a gospel concert.

As a gospel artist, we bring to you five proven ways to make your gospel concert outstanding. To get those feet stamping, heads bowing, hands and knees prostrating, here is what to go for:

1. The Encounter, Not The Entertainment, In Your Gospel Concert.

The main intent of a concert is usually to entertain the crowd and honor them for the tickets they might have purchased. This is where a gospel concert differs. Gospel music ministers should focus on bringing down the glory and giving the crowd encounters.

We do understand that people have come to hear you minister through your songs, but they have most importantly come with a hunger for God! Give them what they came for; make them encounter God through you!

2. Satisfy God, Not Yourself.

We know there is this tendency to want to stick to the script as a performer, because there has already been a whole plan of action to follow, and you wouldn’t want to mess that up! Now that is where you got it all wrong!

Your satisfaction and gratification will not come from how well you stuck to the plan, but from how well you let the Holy Spirit take control. With this, you will not only experience satisfaction but also, transformation. The transformation of your spirit happens the moment you begin to praise God with an unashamed attitude.

3. Be Part Of The Crowd.

It is not enough to sing that song. The magic lies in singing it, and at the same time worshipping with the same zeal as those listening to you.

Forget about singing your best and not messing up. Best believe that your best performance is unveiled when the Holy Spirit takes control.

Remember, this is not so much about you and your song, it is about God and the people He is about to touch, including you.

4. Bring The Stage To The Crowd.

One thing about concerts, they always have attractive stage displays such as dazzling lights and very colorful background images to woo the audience. This is good no doubt, but be careful of extravagance. Some of these stage displays could contribute to worshippers’ distractions instead.

Here is one not-so-far-fetched background display idea you could go for that will keep the audience engaged; a waterfall background animation. This sets a rather soothing and peaceful atmosphere in the mind of the audience whenever their eyes come in contact with the stage.

5. Score A Soul, Not A Good Show.

Now what happens after the concert? Is the word on the streets about how well you performed, how good your song sounded from the speakers, or instead, how your ministration touched lives and made them better thereafter? You want to end your performance on a life-changing note, not just with fading ovations.

If you have never thought of all these amazing ways to nail a good gospel concert, then there you have it!

If you found these 5 effective ways to change the gospel concert game completely helpful and are eager to put them into action for an upcoming event, consider attending a gospel concert and observing firsthand how these strategies have been successfully implemented.

By immersing yourself in the experience, you can gain valuable insights, inspiration, and ideas on how to adapt and tailor these methods to your own concert.

Attending a gospel concert provides a unique opportunity to witness these game-changing techniques in action. Pay close attention to the atmosphere, stage setup, performer interactions, audience engagement, and overall flow of the event.

Take note of any innovative or creative approaches that resonate with you, as they may serve as valuable inspiration for your own concert planning.

Additionally, observing how these ways have been implemented at a live gospel concert allows you to gauge their effectiveness and impact on the audience. Notice the reactions, enthusiasm, and participation of attendees throughout the concert.

This firsthand experience can provide valuable feedback and help you refine and fine-tune your own implementation of these game-changing strategies.

Remember, attending a gospel concert not only allows you to witness the magic unfold but also provides an opportunity to connect with fellow concert organizers, artists, and enthusiasts.

Networking and engaging in conversations with like-minded individuals can spark new ideas, collaborations, and partnerships that can elevate your own gospel concert to new heights.

So, mark your calendar, secure your tickets, and prepare to be inspired as you attend a gospel concert to witness the transformative power of these 5 effective ways firsthand.

Let the experience inspire and guide you as you revolutionize the gospel concert game and create an unforgettable event for your audience.

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